Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Northwest Inn. The final schedule will be posted.

Saturday Terrace Room   Sunday Terrace Room
2:00-2:45 Jay Pruett: Ecology of the Lesser Prairie Chicken 2:00-2:45 Jay Pruett: Wind Energy and the Lesser Prairie-Chicken
3:00-3:45 Paul Baicich: Access Matters: Why Birders Should Care 3:00-3:45 Paul Baicich: A Very Short History of Bird Feeding in America
4:00-4:45 Sandra Murphy: The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative 4:00-4:45 Jay Pruett: Ecology of the Lesser Prairie Chicken

Jay Pruett is Director of Conservation for the Oklahoma Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and expert on the impact wind energy development can have on wildlife.

Sandra Murphy is Communications Director for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative, an NRCS-led partnership to protect these threatened birds.

Paul Baicich, our festival keynote speaker, is an author, bird tour leader and life-long birder.


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