Please note the following events are sold out or close to being filled (as of 3/22/2017):
Photographers Package
        Friday – SOLD OUT
        Saturday – 1
        Sunday – 4
Please note the Greater Prairie Chicken Viewing has 1 spot left. (It was previously SOLD OUT but we’ve had a cancellation.)
Lesser Prairie Chicken Viewing (Blinds or vans) – Friday – 4 spots left

We do not have a fully automated online form to register for the festival. But we are offering several options to register and pay. You can either do it the “old-fashioned” way and mail in the registration form with a check or credit card number. Or to to do it all online, email us the spreadsheet version of the registration form and pay on-line. Or you can do a combination of the above, whatever you are most comfortable doing.

Registration Form Options

1. If you already have a printed registration booklet, simply fill out the form on the the last two pages and mail to the indicated address. Click here to download just the two pages you need to mail in.You can download the full registration booklet to the right. You may also scan in the filled out form and email it to us.

2. We have an Excel Spreadsheet version of the registration form which will automatically total up the amounts. You can download and fill it out, and either email it to, or print it out and mail it to the indicated address. Click here to download spreadsheet registration form.

Payment Options

1. Mail in a check with the either version of the registration form.

2. Include your credit card number on either version of the registration form.

3,. Pay the total due online using this Pay Now button.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

You may also mail the completed registration form and a check to:

Oklahoma Audubon Council
c/o John Kennington
11224 S. 83 E. Ave.
Bixby, OK 74008

If emailing the spreadsheet or scanned form, send it to

If you have any questions, call John Kennington at 918-809-6325.

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