Photographer’s Package

Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We’re pleased to offer a package this year designed specifically for the serious photographer. If you sign up for the Photographer’s Package you will be placed in specially designated blinds, positioned for the best lighting, with a guaranteed front row seat the entire morning. You will drive your own vehicle to the lek area, about 1 hour away (note the lek used for the Photographer’s Package is not on the Selman Ranch). You can return to the Selman Ranch house for brunch and then have access the entire day and evening to all areas of the Selman Ranch, which offers an abundance of photographic opportunities, including blinds at a wildlife feeding station and water source that can be used in late afternoon or evening.

Depending on lek locations blinds on the Selman Ranch leks may also be available for your use in the late afternoon, since the birds will often return to the leks at that time. So you can have a second opportunity, in different light, to photograph the birds!

The number of daily spots is limited to six, so register early. The price for blind use and all day access to the Selman Ranch is $250 per day.

Workshop With Noppadol Paothong

Join Noppadol for a field and classroom photography workshop on Thursday. This workshop is not just about bird photography; Noppadol will tailor the experience to each participant’s level of expertise and interests. Both beginners and professionals will benefit from this time with a world-class photographer like Noppadol.

We’ll begin the morning shooting on the Selman Ranch in the early light of sunrise, and spend the rest of the morning photographing on the Ranch. We will also visit a lek (after the birds have left) to discuss of how to photograph the chickens (to prepare for your own visit later in the festival.) After lunch in Woodward with Noppadol (on your own), you will move to the Northwest Inn for a session “Going Beyond Basic Photography and Shooting Like Pro” where he will share his photos and discuss how he captured them, how to find better composition, light, color, and formation, and other photo techniques and equipment. Time permitting, he will offer critiques of participants photos. Cost is $150. (Maximum of 10 participants, so register early!).

Bonus: Noppadol will also be joining the Friday Photographer’s Package (for no additional charge) so sign up for Friday to take advantage of Nop’s expertise!

 More About Noppadol Paothong

“Nature and wildlife photography is a combination of art and science. It takes a labor of love and deep understanding as well as strong commitment, determination, persistence, …and patience. It also takes years of trials and errors and constant research.However, the results can be something so amazing that words cannot describe. If our life is measured by the moments that take our breath away, a nature/wildlife photographer surely has a wonderful job.”    Noppadol Paothing

book2In 2014 Noppadol published Save the Last Dance – A Story of North American Grassland Grouse with noted outdoor writer, Joel M. Vance. The book captures the dazzling beauty of seven grouse species whose populations are rapidly diminishing across North America. This 204-page hardbound book is a product of the photographer’s decade-long journey to document these species and to show the world what it stands to lose if these species are allowed to disappear forever.






Photographer’s Package

Available Saturday and Sunday.

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