Photographer’s Package

Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please Note

The lek we use for photographers is located on a ranch just over the Oklahoma border near Glazier, Texas. In March 2017 the 300,000+ acre Perryton wildfire completely destroyed this ranch. Dick Wilberforce, rancher and published photographer, has a permanent photographer’s blind which we use at this ranch. He has been photographing from this blind for decades and routinely had 40+ birds coming into the lek. The prairie of course is recovering, but this was not a normal prairie fire. These fires were moving at a rate of 50+ MPH, so even animals could not escape it. Dick reported seeing hundreds of dead coyotes, antelope and other wildlife. Nothing survived in the 300,000 acre burned area, including the chickens.

No birds returned to the lek in 2017 & 2018, so we ended up canceling the Photographer’s Package. A few were seen late in the 2018 season, so we hope they return in 2019, but have no way of knowing at this point. Rather than accepting full payments in advance, for 2019 we will accept $50 deposits for one of the six available spots on each day. If the birds do return and we are able to offer the Package we will notify you and then collect the $200 balance. If the birds do not return we will refund your $50 deposit. We understand this makes planning difficult for you, and we can’t say when a final decision will be made.

We’re pleased to offer a package designed specifically for the serious photographer. If you sign up for the Photographer’s Package you will be placed in specially designated blinds, positioned for the best lighting, with a guaranteed front row seat the entire morning, with a maximum of 6 people per day. You will drive your own vehicle to the lek area, about 1 hour away (note the lek used for the Photographer’s Package is not on the Selman Ranch). You can return to the Selman Ranch house for brunch and then have access the entire day and evening to all areas of the Selman Ranch, which offers an abundance of photographic opportunities, including blinds at a wildlife feeding station and water source that can be used in late afternoon or evening.

Depending on lek locations blinds on the Selman Ranch leks may also be available for your use in the late afternoon, since the birds will often return to the leks at that time. So you can have a second opportunity, in different light, to photograph the birds!

The number of daily spots is limited to six, so register early. The price for blind use and all day access to the Selman Ranch is $275 per day.



Photographer’s Package

Available Saturday and Sunday.

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