Lesser Prairie-Chicken Viewing/Fence Marking

Viewing from Blinds

For this option, you will settle into the blinds at about 5:30 am while it is still dark outside. You will soon hear the unmistakable gobbling of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken in the morning twilight. Viewers will stay in the blinds until the birds begin to disperse at about 9:00 am

A few things to keep in mind if using a blind: Dress warmly, the temperatures can be around 40°F. Many of the leks are on private working ranches, so we may climb through or use ladders to climb over a barbed-wire fence. You will be in the blinds for about 3 hours and cannot leave without disturbing the birds. Be prepared to sit quietly on a camp-type chair without access to a restroom. Young children will have trouble sitting quietly for that length of time, so the minimum age is 12 years.

Viewing from Vans

For this option, you will stay in the van which will park near a lek before first light. This will be a much more comfortable option. Though you will not be as close to the chickens as in a blind, you will still get excellent views and be able to watch and hear their displays on the lek. The van will also beable to leave the lek sooner than those observing from blinds.

Brunch at the Selman Ranch

Ranch Brunch at Selman Ranch

After the birds disperse from the lek, we will depart and travel to the Selman Guest Ranch for a ranch brunch at approximately 10:00 am.



Please note: The total number of people we can accommodate to view the chickens each morning is limited, especially viewing from blinds. We fully expect to have sufficient capacity to accommodate everyone, but reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If necessary we may need to adjust your selected day to view the chickens and will notify you ahead of time if that is necessary.

Conservation Action—Fence Marking

After brunch, participants can optionally spend about an hour or two working to save Lesser Prairie-Chickens by helping to mark fences at the Selman Ranch IBA (Important Bird Area.)

You can contribute significantly to the protection of Lesser Prairie-Chickens by helping to mark fences, a very simple procedure anyone of any age can perform. Collisions with barbed wire fencing is a significant cause of chicken mortality. The Sutton Avian Research Center has worked out a technique of using vinyl siding starter strips cut into 2 inch pieces. These easily snap onto the barbed wire, making the fence visible to the chickens. Fences marked in this manner dramatically reduce chicken mortality.




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