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For the very latest news, including updates and photos from the 2015 festival, please visit our Facebook page. You need not be a Facebook member to view it.

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2015 Schedule Update

We sill have room all days for the Lesser Prairie Chicken viewing, but we can no longer accept reservations for these events:

The Wednesday Greater Prairie-Chicken viewing is full!

All of the Photographers packages are full!

The Saturday & Sunday Prairie Dog Town Treks are cancelled

The Black Mesa Trek is cancelled

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Friday Blind Viewing Full

The Friday Lesser Prairie-Chicken viewing from the blinds and the van is now full! We still have plenty of room on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to get your registrations in ASAP.

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Early Registration Deadline Feb. 15

The early registration deadline is Feb 15. As long as it is mailed by the 15th you can pay the early fee of $20, or you can call John Kennington anytime this weekend at 918-809-6325 to ensure I have you down and save $10 on the fee.

We still have spaces available for all the field trips, but feel free to call if you want to double check. The Photographer’s Packages are limited to just 6 people, but all three days still have a few openings.

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2014 Festival Registration Now Open, Laura Erickson

Registration for the 2014 festival is now open. Visit the Registration page for the details on how to register.\

We are also very pleased to announce our 2014 Keynote Speaker will be Laura Erickson. Laura is author of four books, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award and several conservation, research, and writing awards, and contributing writer for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. She’s been producing her radio program, “For the Birds,” for a quarter of a century, since May, 1986.  Visit her website at

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2013 Greater Praire Chicken Viewing

The 2013 Festival is officially under way and has had a FRIGID start! The group on the pre-trip for Greater Prairie-Chickens braved freezing cold and rain. Due to decline in their numbers the bird had failed to return to the lek on the private ranch where we view them, so we had already cancelled the blind viewing this year. But about half the group stuck with the trip, since we planned to view a lek from the road.

And today we did observe a lek from the road. But the birds were also feeling the weather and only a few came in and were not very active. But we did get them! Fortunately the forecast in Woodward the rest of the week is looking much better!

Here is the list of species seen April 10 in the Tallgrass Prairie-Preserve area:

Greater Prairie-Chicken
Am. Golden Plover
N. Bobwhite
Upland Sandpiper
Greater Yellowlegs
Blue-winged Teal
Green-winged Teal
Vesper Sparrow
Louisiana Waterthrush
Red-headed Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
N. Harrier
Turkey Vulture
Tufted Titmouse
Savannah Sparrow
Harris Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Eastern Meadowlark
Red-winged Blackbird
Barn Swallow
E. Starling
Brown-headed Cowbird
E. Bluebird
Bewick’s Wren

Here are some other species seen this week at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, but missed by our group due to the weather conditions:

Grasshopper Sparrow
Henslow’s Sparrow
Swainson’s Hawk
Winter Wren
Sprague’s Pipit
Am Pipit, Merlin
Prairie Falcon.


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Festival T-Shirts

Here is the design for the 2013 festival t-shirt. They are now available for pre-order for $22.00. The price will be $25 during the festival, and we will have a very limited supply of extras.


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2013 Festival Update

The 2013 festival is just around the corner. I’m pleased to report that Sue Selman is reporting she has the birds back on her ranch, and she is identifying the lek locations. And other migrants are starting to return, with the first reports of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers returning around Oklahoma just this weekend.

So far for this year we have participants from 15 states, from Alaska to Florida, and it is not too late to register! The Saturday morning Lesser-Prairie-Chicken blind viewing is now full, but we still have room on Friday and Sunday. The Friday and Saturday Photographer’s Packages are also full, with 2 spots left on Sunday. The other field trips still have openings.

I will be emailing some additional information later this week, but here is a link to a Google Map showing the various locations we will be visiting during the festival, so you can plan your drive into Woodward.

To emphasize we are dealing with mother nature I do have some possibly bad news about the Greater Prairie-Chicken viewing. I have already reported directly to the participants that the birds have failed to return to the private ranch we use for viewing. We are actively working on finding an alternative lek, but their numbers are down across the region. We do know of a lek visible from the road (which we cannot directly access) which we will use as a default location, but that really won’t provide an opportunity for photography. Hopefully we’ll find something, and we’ll make a final decision on what we will do by the end of this week.

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2013 Festival Poster

Here is the 2013 Festival poster, featuring a wonderful Lesser Prairie-Chicken photograph from our featured artist Noppadol Paothong.  Posters will be available for purchase for $15 at the festival, or may also be ordered over the phone. Contact John Kennington at 918-809-6325 for details. Click the image below for a larger image.


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2013 Greater Prairie-Chicken Viewing Filling Quickly

Welcome to our first post for the 2013 Festival! Registration is now open, and we already have participants from 8 different states, from California to Massachusetts! We still have plenty of room, but I do want to point out that the Greater-Prairie-Chicken viewing is limited to 20 participants, and we are already more than half full. So if you are wanting to come to Oklahoma and get both species send your registration in ASAP! Feel free to call John Kennington at 918-809-6325 with any questions.

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