2013 Festival Update

The 2013 festival is just around the corner. I’m pleased to report that Sue Selman is reporting she has the birds back on her ranch, and she is identifying the lek locations. And other migrants are starting to return, with the first reports of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers returning around Oklahoma just this weekend.

So far for this year we have participants from 15 states, from Alaska to Florida, and it is not too late to register! The Saturday morning Lesser-Prairie-Chicken blind viewing is now full, but we still have room on Friday and Sunday. The Friday and Saturday Photographer’s Packages are also full, with 2 spots left on Sunday. The other field trips still have openings.

I will be emailing some additional information later this week, but here is a link to a Google Map showing the various locations we will be visiting during the festival, so you can plan your drive into Woodward.


To emphasize we are dealing with mother nature I do have some possibly bad news about the Greater Prairie-Chicken viewing. I have already reported directly to the participants that the birds have failed to return to the private ranch we use for viewing. We are actively working on finding an alternative lek, but their numbers are down across the region. We do know of a lek visible from the road (which we cannot directly access) which we will use as a default location, but that really won’t provide an opportunity for photography. Hopefully we’ll find something, and we’ll make a final decision on what we will do by the end of this week.

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